August 10, 2016


WHAT WE DO : At TExT-TUBE FUTURES STUDIOS we specialize in telling stories about the future across various media. Most of our Futures/Media projects involve writing and producing original stories about the future – including sci-fi and speculative fiction. We also assist other organizations to create their own stories about the future. Each story about the future requires a dedicated media strategy and therefore depending on the nature of the futures story, it could end up as an academic or corporate futuring workshop that tells a new vision of the future for that organization, or, it could be an entertainment project such as a feature film, Futurementary (our coinage), a television program such as our pilot for TExT-TUBE TV, an event such as f3 futures film festival, e-books, futures-oriented simulations, games and virtual worlds, or FUZIK – our coinage for a new genre of futures-oriented music.

OUR STORY : The TExT-TUBE concept grew from the academic work in Futures Studies and visualization / media production by Dr. David L Wright, former Associate Professor, whose passion for communicating about futures issues gave birth to a fledgling media production studio originally based at FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. TExT-TUBE is a unique organization and the world’s first dedicated to creating stories about futures issues applying concepts, methods and tools from the field of Futures Studies.

THE NEED : Despite our media and story saturated world and the numbers of science fiction stories and movies, few, in our opinion, embody the potential that futures-oriented storytelling holds. Our mission is to bring a whole new dimension of intelligence and depth to the craft of telling stories about our collective future/s through the strategic application of leading-edge and pioneering futures analytic tools.

THIS WEB SITE : The projects featured in this website are in various stages of development from pre-viz to preliminary concept design through to fully completed.

REACHING OUT : If you have a futures storytelling project from academic/corporate right through to a full-length speculative fiction movie, contact us to discuss how we can collaborate to make your story what it needs to be to transform the world.