August 10, 2016

f3 – futures film (& TransMedia) festival

f3 is a film and TM based festival sharply focused on the theme of ‘futures’. It will include a comprehensive line-up of futures-oriented media productions from major sci-fi films; made-for-TV shows; futures simulations; retro-future science fiction films; youth-produced futures films; ‘prophetical’ experimental films; and more – all with a strong focus on the nature of what the future was, is, can be, should and should not be. f3 is to be an annual event which will spawn an ‘ambulant’ film festival staged in several locations around the world to further the discourse. f3 will take place as the central event of a portfolio of ‘collaborative events’ such as UberFood – a Future Foods, Foodaceuticals & Beverages Bazaar, FUZIK – a futures-oriented music concert, and World Futurists Summit, amongst others. In a global market with thousands of existing film festivals vying for attention, f3 will stand out as the most provocative seeking to transform our perceptions of the future one story, one image, one meme at a time! Currently the f3 Steering Committee is planning the festival concept with a view to launching the inaugural event during September 2014 at The Cube, a state-of-the-art media complex recently opened at the Queensland University of Technology’s downtown Gardens Point campus.