August 10, 2016


As part of the MuFu – the Museum of the Future project – I directed the production of prototypes for a sub-project called FUTURE-ZINE. This was achieved using the simulation-specific software Vizard. Using Vizard as the virtual simulation environment, students and I produced a reconstruction of the island of Hokkaido through which users would be able to freely navigate in 3D space. It was on to this three-dimensional space various student produced media productions were superimposed. Production media included Flash, PowerPoint, Maya Unlimited 3D Computer Graphics, and short films made from Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. The design of FUTURE-ZINE was intended as a user-generated contents platform onto which users would be able to load their personalized images of the future for the Hokkaido region, in virtually any media, which could then in turn be critiqued, co-developed, and refined in an iterative simulation environment. When presented to audiences the FUTURE-ZINE was well received as a new media format for magazine type user-generated contents.