August 17, 2016

Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Directorate General – State Assets Management

Conducted in July 2013, this half-day micro Futuring workshop was a semi-customized workshop whose aims were to explore the implications of climate change on the tasks associated with public assets management and valuation. 15 Ministry personnel underwent an intensive program commencing with a crash course in contemporary Futures Studies concepts, tools, methods and theories. This Futuring Tool-Box (FTB) was subsequently used by the participants to delve into the futures of their respective ministerial tasks and apply tools such as Sohail Inayatullah’s Futures Triangle Analysis (FTA) and Causal Layered Analysis (CLA), Emerging Issues Analysis with the view to creating a range of scenarios for the futures of public assets under the affects of climate change in that nation. A key focus was on how to assist the transformation of this Ministry from a reactive, under-sourced organizational structure into what we call a Foresensing Organization. Foresensing is quickly becoming a cornerstone concept in the Futuring work of Dr. David L. Wright by building on the central concept of Foresight, and reinforced with associated concepts such as Anticipatory Learning, what Riel Miller calls the Discipline of Anticipation (DoA), predictive technologies, sensoring technologies, and so on.